I Was There: WordCamp Manila 2017

“Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.”
― Isaac Asimov

They say learning is not limited to the four corners of a (class)room. Honestly I can’t agree more cause even when you’re already working a full-time job, running a business, or even while you’re still in school, there’s still so much outside the concrete walls you’re used to seeing daily. We’re not made to stop and be contented with what we currently know. It’s a never-ending thing that we all should embrace if we want to have well-informed and educated decisions amidst crazy work and life demands.

I recently attended WordCamp Manila 2017 where I had the opportunity to learn more about WordPress since ya know, my skill for it is NOOB level. I’m sure you’re familiar with WordPress? If not, an example is this blog you’re reading right now. Yup, this is proudly powered by WP! And what exactly is WordCamp Manila about? Well, WordCamp Manila is a community-organised WordPress gathering that brings together bloggers, web developers, designers, artists, small business owners, entrepreneurs, educators, and new WP users (like me haha) from the Philippines as well as WP enthusiasts all across the globe. The first EVER WC event was organized in San Francisco by Matt Mullenweg (WordPress Co-Founder) in 2006, and since then local communities around the world have organized hundreds of others. By hundreds I meant there have been 771 Camps already in 65 countries. W.O.W. That’s a lot! Where was I when WordCamp Manila started out?! Hmm.. I was probably in college blogging privately in one of the many sites I’ve had blogs in. I wish I knew about this event earlier cause I really had a great time AND learned tons. Well except for the coding part, that was way too technical for me!

If you’re starting out in WordPress like I do, attending WordCamp is one of the best ways to understand the platform and know about the latest trends in coding, design, security and so much more. Whether you’re in Manila or elsewhere, there’s always a city near you holding one. Check upcoming WordCamps at the official WordCamp Central Website.

WordCamp Manila was held last November 11 at iACADEMY Plaza, Bel-Air, Makati City from 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM.

Platinum sponsors: Plainview Plugins, ThemeBoy, Philippines, WooCommerce, and JetPack

Gold sponsors: Go Daddy Pro, Bluehost

Silver sponsors: WPML.Org, Yoast, and Devrix

Video coverage: Metapixel Incorporated

If you’re wondering why WordCamp Manila took an entire day, this was the schedule which will most probably be replicated on the next event (except for the topics ofcourse).

7:00 AM – Registration and breakfast
8:15 AM – Opening Remarks
8:30 AM – WordPress First-Times: How You Find The Best Practices
9:30 Am – My WordPress site, My Rules!: Customize WordPress Your Way Using Customizer
10:30 AM – From Freelancer to Community Happiness Manager: Working Remotely With WordPress
11:30 AM – Lunch
1:00 PM – Empowering SMEs To Do E-Commerce with WordPress, Break-Out Sessions: Developer’s Track, Designer’s Track, Blogger’s Track, Security and Maintenance Track
2:20 PM – The Importance of Communication in Business
3:30 pm Afternoon Break with snacks
3:45 PM – Panel Discussion
4:40 PM – Raffle and Class photo

*Break-out sessions were on first-come, first-serve basis. Late comers usually don’t get to secure the slot they want in their preferred track. I remember there was this lady who came in not-so-early so she ended up badly pleading with the organizers at the registration area to give her a seat in the session she wanted. She was making quite a scene, saying “Please let me in! I don’t mind standing in class! Just please give me a slot, I’m willing to stand!”. I’m not so sure what happened next; if she got the slot she desperately wanted or not. I doubt it though. Rules are rules. Don’t be this lady in the next WordCamp please.

WordCamp Manila 2017 Sponsors
WordCamp Manila 2017 Sponsors
More info on the event written on these standees
More info on the event written on these standees
Mandatory selfwe with my companion/classmate of the day, the boyfriend
Mandatory selfwe with my companion/classmate, the boyfriend
My WCManila 2017 ID
My WCManila 2017 ID. The yellow sticker meant I belong in the “Blogging Track”, one of the break-out sessions
So many FREE WordPress pins! Got myself a magenta one.
So many FREE WordPress pins! Got myself a magenta one.
With one of the speakers, Mr. El Abquina
With one of the speakers, Mr. El Abquina
Blogging break-out session pose
At the Blogging break-out session. Pose muna ofcourse! Lol
Mr. Yoshke Dimen of
Mr. Yoshke Dimen of at the Blogging Track sharing his “10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Blogging”
Ms. Ria Jose of
Ms. Ria Jose of at the Blogging Track sharing how you can apply academic and professional skills in blogging
Take-home WCManila 2017 goodies!
Take-home WCManila 2017 goodies!

*Photos of Mr. Yoshke Dimen and Ms. Ria Jose at the blogger’s track are not mine. Credits to the owner.

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