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Review: Milk Trade at Hole in the Wall

When I was a lot younger, I can go inside a restaurant or a fast food chain without bothering the main menu. I would straight up order dessert (whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, merienda or dinner) and that’s it. Meal’s served. Are you like me?! Cause I don’t know a lot of people who love sweets as much as I do! Yikes. Now that I’m in my late twenties though, that practice of stuffing my face with desserts galore is super rear. You know.. calories and muffin tops. *takes out a piece of tissue and sobs uncontrollably* The struggle is real!

Anyway, this post’s focus is not on the history of my sweet tooth but about my favorite dessert place at Hole in the Wall, Century City Mall. If you frequent Makati City/are a Makati citizen, chances are you’ve been to Hole in the Wall multiple times. It’s a hipster food hall and is probably one of the best ones around Metro Manila since 2014. Since it opened there’s been a variety of well-loved restaurants here cause they’re mostly good and can’t be found anywhere else. One of them is the dessert place I’ve been a fan of since 2016. Milk Trade, a Hongkong-inspired food brand, should be on your must-try list. It’s in the farthest end of the food hall, with the smallest occupied space, and has a blue banner that screams “WARM & CHILLED STEAMED MILK”.

Front facade of Milk Trade
The unassuming front facade of Milk Trade

There are some changes now from the last time I dropped by their stall in 2016. They have more menu items, a countertop display of the menu and finally, English signages!

Milk Trade's Menu
Milk Trade Menu with new items like flavored eggettes!

I used to order the plain steamed milk pudding alone, a signature Milk Trade product. Can’t really recall if they already had other flavors before so I was glad they have more options now. If you’ll check the menu above, they added a bunch of new items like eggettes and drinks and not just new flavors to their steamed milk. From the moment I read that I knew I had to try the set menu!

Plain flavor of their steamed milk pudding (chilled)
Plain flavor of their steamed milk pudding (chilled) – Php 100/ala carte and Php 150/paired with an eggette
Dark Chocolate Eggette
Dark chocolate eggette – Php 75/ala carte and Php 150/paired with steamed milk

The plain steamed milk that I love actually tastes like a creamy, not-too-sweet custard that I think is best consumed if chilled. All orders are placed in cute chinaware, something our grandmothers are fond of collecting lol! I just wish they had it in a bigger serving because I honestly can finish it in 5 minutes or less if I’m in a hurry.

The Milk Trade branding on paper
Milk Trade’s pretty branding on paper featuring their cow icon

The eggette (a.k.a. bubble waffle) on the other hand, which I tried for the first time, is good because of the dark chocolate flavor swirled all over it. It’s interesting to eat and I’ll definitely try the other flavors next time.

I love Milk Trade pose
“Can I just emphasize RN how much I love Milk Trade’s steamed milk forevs?!” – Me

I love Milk Trade because of it’s no-frills concept and although it is a dessert place, the food here are mostly not deadly sweet so even those who are not into dessert will enjoy their orders. What do you think? Will you give Milk Trade a go on your next visit to Hole in the Wall? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Milk Trade at Hole in the Wall

Milk Trade at Hole in the Wall
4th Floor Century City Mall, Kalayaan Avenue, Barangay Poblacion, Makati City

Mon to Thurs 11:00am–10:00pm
Fri to Sat 10:00am–11:00pm
Sun 10:00am–10:00pm

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