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Review: Eight Ounce Coffee + Kitchen

First of all, I just want to share how significant this post is for me. 1.) it’s my first blog entry at and 2.) it’s my first coffee shop review which I would like to take really, really seriously! Unbeknownst to everyone, I love coffee above all things and if I were to take down all my (planned) categories in this blog in the future, my coffee journeys will be the only category I’ll leave untouched. #Coffeeislife

Now let me walk you through my coffee shop of choice last weekend.

Eight Ounce Coffee + Kitchen is unexpectedly sitting beside a Total gas station, instead of the usual convenience store.

Front facade taken by my trusty iPhone
The menu (squint a little if you must)

My boyfriend and I went here on purpose to chill/actually write about the dining experience but if for example you’re someone who just happens to drive by for some gas, it wouldn’t hurt to pop in and check what they have in store.

8 Oz. is a proud distributor of Piazza D’Oro espresso beans, a member of Douwe Egberts family of coffee brands, and Pickwick Teas

We were the only customers when we arrived, which was cool cause it meant we can take as many photos as we can without eyes following us around and we get to choose the best seats in the house. Perfect! Now off to what we actually ordered.

Cafe Americano in a Douwe Egberts cup (Php 90)

This one’s dark, plain, and strong like all brewed coffees.

Ken paired his Cafe Americano with a Dark Chocolate Donut (Php 45)

I enjoyed the donuts cause of the really soft texture of their dough. Easy to bite into and were almost melt-in-your-mouth. They were very light on the tummy!

My Iced Hazelnut Latte (Php 155)

I loved my Iced Hazelnut Latte; a great first iced coffee experience for the blog! Light, sweet, but still has that distinct coffee flavor. It was exactly how I imagined the flavor to taste like and it was consistent down to the very last sip.

Chocolate Caramel Donut (Php 45)

*heart eyes*

Tuna Cheese Sandwich with Potato Chips (Php 150)

Non-meat eaters can order this. It’s pretty good with generous fillings of tuna and cheese. Bonus: it came with a side of potato chips which wasn’t mentioned in their menu! YASS.

The Verdict

ROOM TEMPERATURE: 2/5 – It was a humid afternoon when we came in so the coffee shop should’ve been some sort of refuge. Sadly the 2 splitter-type ACs didn’t circulate enough cool air and the barista couldn’t do anything about it.
CLEANLINESS: 3/5 – the place was spotless, but there were mosquitoes under the tables? I was wearing a dress so this kinda annoyed me the whole time.
CUSTOMER SERVICE: 3/5 – They’re quick to serve but were not the happiest staff in the world
WIFI: 5/5

OVER-ALL RATING: 3/5 I loved their food and coffee, I really did, but the place, not so much. They need to repair or maybe even replace their AC units, and do something about the mosquitoes and not-so-cheerful customer service.

Life begins after coffee. Cheers to that!

Eight Ounce Coffee + Kitchen
1227 Pasig Boulevard, Brgy. Pineda, Pasig City,
1600 Metro Manila, Philippines
+ 632.650.5873

*All opinions are my own and not at all sponsored unless otherwise stated

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