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It’s that time in your life as a Filipino citizen again. You may have secured a new job locally or overseas, or maybe you’re looking into getting a license. Whatever your legal purpose is, a National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearance will most likely be on your list of valid identification.

Why is it important? An NBI clearance is a surefire way to tell if someone has ever been convicted of any crime in the past. It’s easy to get and is one of the cheapest options for a valid ID making it a basic requirement for most goverment offices.

Getting an NBI clearance used to be dreadful a few years back. Processes are extra long and tedious, and capping off the experience is getting your fingers inked in purple for finger print scanning. NBI staff will usually offer tissue and alcohol for free but I’ve read other branches charged Php 2.00! Those were the days. Thankfully, technology’s finally here and getting an NBI clearance is no longer that much of a headache in 2017. Let me guide you through the steps based on my recent experience.


Note: No walk-in applicants are allowed anymore. NBI encourages everyone to first set an appointment online. No appointment, no entry.

Say hello to NBI’s new and improved website!

1. Visit the site
2. Register an account with all your info or update what you previously encoded in the old NBI website.
3. Choose your preferred NBI satellite office, date and time. What’s nice about this is you get to see how many more slots are left in the AM/PM of your preferred day. If the date is grayed out, it means the slots are full.
4. Choose your preferred valid ID for presentation at the NBI office.
5. Choose your purpose and details.
6. To complete the transaction, choose your payment option and take note of your reference number. This will pop up after you’ve picked out how you’ll pay.
7. Don’t forget to pay the application fee before going to your appointment and keep the receipt!

Now you’re all set!

– The Over-the-Counter option had an issue at the time of my registration. My bank and most banks available near my place were missing from the drop-down list. It was very frustrating so when this happens to you, I suggest paying at a 7Eleven near you(they’re everywhere anyway)like I did. You’ll have to reapply to change your payment option though. Don’t worry, they won’t charge you double or anything.

– The NBI site will only show an estimated total amount of your application fee. Take note that an NBI clearance fee depends on the purpose of application, and extra charges apply on where you want to pay. Mine was Php115.00 online, but when I paid for it at 7Eleven, the total was Php 155.

You can read about my own NBI application day experience here.


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