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My 2017 NBI Clearance Application Day

Getting an NBI Clearance has changed in the past couple of years. I can still clearly recall how long it took to get mine every appointment day. It wasn’t that bad, although it’s not an experience that you’d like to reminisce later on either. Haha. An applicant’s battle scars after the tedious processing would be purple ink marks from the manual finger scanning. *cringe*

BUT those days are done. The process that used to involve 6 long steps are now cut down to 2. Yay for technology! And to get a glimpse on what it’s like to apply for an NBI Clearance these days, you’ve come to the right blog post.

Before getting your foot out that door with the will to successfully receive your clearance at the end of the day, please make sure you’re well-prepared! Let’s get you started. Below is a list of things you need to do:

1. Register yourself online at NBI’s website( Check out my post about this here.
2. Pay for the application fee and keep the receipt.
3. Prepare your valid IDs. If your NBI Clearance will be your first valid ID, you can bring along your NSO birth certificate.
4. Plan your outfit accordingly! Do not wear mini skirts, sleeveless shirts, shorts or slippers or else you’ll end up getting rejected and sent home to change. NBI is a government office and yes, they do have a strict dress code.
5. Optional* Bring some light snacks/bottled water. We all know how tag-gutom we can get when waiting in government offices.

Now off to my own NBI Clearance day experience.

Where: POEA, Ortigas Ave., Manadaluyong, Metro Manila
When: September 13, 2017, AM Appointment

I booked an AM appointment in the NBI website but unfortunately I arrived at POEA just a few minutes before 12 nn. I was still accepted without any issues but I suggest you come on time to avoid possible hassle.

POEA is a one-stop processing hub for Overseas FIlipino Workers (OFWs) so you’ll find a lot of glass windows that cater to different government services; NBI included. I noticed that compared to other NBI satellite offices that I’ve applied to before, POEA has less people waiting to get their turn. Maybe it’s cause most of them are also applying for other services on the same day so you won’t see long queues at NBI alone. Instead, they’re spread all over POEA, maybe even running around to get things done as fast as they can while they’re there.

My valid ID, receipt and queue number last September 13

1. Get a queue number from a lady in black near the NBI window

Queue numbers are flashed on the TV screen above the NBI window

2. Patiently wait for your number to be flashed on the TV screen/called by the lady in black

3. Once called, show your payment receipt and valid ID. I had a hit that day, so the lady behind the window wrote “HIT“* and the release date(Sept. 25, 2017) on my receipt. That’s 12 days of waiting. Augh. When this happens to you, PLEASE KEEP YOUR RECEIPT. You’ll need it when you pick up the clearance next time.

*Hit – a term used by NBI when you have a namesake who also applied for an NBI Clearance. NBI staff will usually perform further verification on the applicant’s identity. If you have no criminal record, there’s nothing to worry about!

4. After the presentation of valid ID/receipt, proceed with photo and finger print capture.

5. If you’re lucky, you can get your NBI Clearance printed almost instantly. But if you’re like me with a “HIT”, expect 2 weeks or less to get your hands on it!

The 2 NBI windows at POEA. One is for data capture and finger print scanning, and the other one is for photo capture and releasing
The one and only food kiosk inside the building

Believe me, it’s not as chaotic as it seems! LOL (also spot my head spinning other half)

Total processing time: 2 hours (12nn-2pm)

Some newbies (ex. fresh grads) may still consider this a long waiting time especially when they’re alone. Please. NBI has never been this fast before so let’s all be thankful now! Keep yourself busy by reading an e-book, watching the news on TV, etc. When you’re occupied, it isn’t that long! Next thing you know, you’re number is being called and bam! You’re done!

I recommend applying for an NBI Clearance at POEA because of the fast transaction. However for those looking for an airconditioned building with good parking spaces, this isn’t the satellite office for you. I went there via Grab so I had no problem looking for a place to park. As for the ventilation, it wasn’t crazy hot. POEA had a lot of electric fans which was just fine with me, but if you’re the type who easily prespires you may want to think twice.

Overall, my NBI experience this year is more convenient compared to my previous applications. And who doesn’t want that, right? Let’s hope the government continues to improve their services for everyone.

As for you, let me know how your appointment goes, alright? Be well-prepared and good luck!

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