The Rosy Diarist is a lifestyle blog + happiness project by Janessa Rocha; a product of her life lessons from expat living in Singapore and Abu Dhabi. It documents her everyday life, escapades and whims with a dash of caffeine.

Ending her love affair with analog diary writing that started in 2000, Janessa officially made a move to digital diaryland in 2010. She’s been on Xanga, Blogspot, Multiply and Tumblr privately (and not-so-actively)over the years. Fast forward to 2017, she finally decided to settle in her rented little corner of the internet, to write more often and for what she believes is the best reason.

This blog was born out of an epiphany one afternoon after coming home from a tough day’s work at her advertising agency. While immersing herself in foreign soil with people of different backgrounds, ethnicities and priorities, miles and miles away from everything and everyone she loves, Janessa came to an intense moment of realization. Time does go by quickly and we often forget to really live. 24 hours in a day is never enough. The world is incredibly vast. Growth and comfort never coexist. Possibilities are endless with an open mind. Human years are perishable items. And life should be lived accordingly not tomorrow, or the day after that, but right now.

This happiness project she owns disguised as a personal lifestyle blog is about finding that all-important balance in life and living with passion and purpose.

Welcome to her silly little “no bad days!” blog and gracias for stopping by!

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