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5 Ways to Be A Better You While Unemployed

Being unemployed is stressful. I’m not here to remind you of those challenges that come with not having a job though! We all know that all too well. But hear me out. You don’t have to be miserable on long weeks, (or even months) of the U-word. We’re here to talk about 5 tried and tested ways to be a better version of yourself (yes, it’s possible!), and feel fulfilled while in the midst of that often daunting job search.

They say job-hunting is a full-time job in itself. It’s true. I know it’s super easy to get stuck in a routine when you’re unemployed. Wake up at 8am, eat, shower, job search, eat, job search, eat, sleep. Repeat. Don’t be too hard on yourself! We can still squeeze in time to put our mind, body and spirit to the test and enjoy a little. How, you ask? Well there are a lot of opportunities to improve any weaknesses when your career’s on hiatus. As an ex-job hopper (a.k.a. constant bum), I know exactly what I’m saying when I tell you that you can train to be your best while unemployed. I did just that during some of my career gap months and I can’t be any prouder of none other than.. *points to self*. And I know you can too.

1. Catch up on your To-Read/Read-Later lists.
Maybe your the type of reader who buy books in bulk or you’re the type who loves bookmarking a bajillion links but forgets them days later anyway? Darling, if my guesses are spot-on, I suggest you start reading them already. When was the last time you actually enjoyed that little pleasure of finishing a book in one seating? ..I know right? Go get em.

5 Ways to Get Smart While Unemployed: Learn a New Language
Some of my Spanish books

5 Ways to Get Smart While Unemployed: Learn a New Language

2. Learn a new language.
Did you know that learning a new language not only boosts the brain but opens up a world of wonderful opportunities? I’m sure you do! Well now is the perfect time to bother learning a new one aside from your basic language. A few minutes a day makes a huge difference than no practice at all. Even when you’re on a budget, there are tons of resources to get you started! Other than reading books, I use the FREE app, Duolingo to jumpstart the third language I now speak semi-fluently. You can try watching classes on Youtube too!

3. Attend online and/or offline courses.
A few years ago, I had an unbelievable 6-month career gap (don’t ask. lol). I didn’t spend all that time sulking and blaming the universe for not giving me a job I’m obsessed with. Instead, I decided to take Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator classes at a school near my place. Everyday I would attend the one-on-one class for a few hours in the afternoon. I genuinely enjoyed it because not only did I have an excuse to buy a cup of joe at the neighborhood Starbucks almost daily, but also I was learning and adding something new and useful to my skill set.

4. Get things organized.
Life can be pretty hectic whether you have a job or currently job-hunting. You have relationships to take care of, commitments here and there, etc. When you’re unemployed though, chances are you have more time right now than when you were still working. Be positive and take this opportunity to declutter EVERYTHING that’s necessary. Get the right tools! It can be a new planner or a millenial-approved bullet journal, a Marie Kondo book, an app, anything to help you get the stressful, unorganized areas in your house or life in general out of your sight.

5. Focus on your health and fitness.
If you’re on a membership somewhere, that’s awesome. Get the bang for your buck by using it to your advantage. Dedicate an hour or two to getting your foot at that local gym and actually sweating it out (nope, mirror selfies are not part of the equation). Or you know, bike, run, swim, or do workouts on the internet at no cost. Push yourself. No excuses. Not only will you feel a lot better about yourself, but you’re body will thank you too. Pair that routine with yummy and healthy meals and you’ll be looking mighty fine on your next job.

Find something or any of the above that will work for you. Remember we’re not trying to be perfect here. If that’s what we’ve been aiming for then we’ve all lost our minds by now. Lol. Take it easy. Nothing feels better than achieving mini goals you’ve set out for yourself. Job hunting doesn’t have to get you down when you’ve got plenty to discover and experience.

Got your own suggestion to be a better version of you while job-hunting? Comment away!

*All opinions are my own and not at all sponsored unless otherwise stated

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